Removal of Asbestos

All Seasons Roofing & Waterproofing were again trusted to carry out the removal of Asbestos Roof Tiles and replace this old and hazardous roof material with a new roof. For this project we used IBR Colourbond which is proven as a quality material in the harsh South African conditions.


The first stage is the removal of the old hazardous asbestos roof tiles. This has to be done safely and within the current stringent legislation. This cannot be done by members of the public as the contractor has to be registered with the Department of Labour. To read or download the National Environmental Management: Waste Act: Regulations: Waste classification and management click the link.



The once the asbestos roof tiles are removed. We install SA Pine purlins these screwed to the existing roof trusses. Onto these purlins the IBR Colourbond roof sheets are installed.


We remove asbestos roof tiles and replace with IBR Colourbond Roof Sheets in stages. This way we ensure that the roof is not left open overnight. Although this project was carried in the summer there is still the risk of summer rains.


Once the roof is finished and the Colourbond Barge Flashings are added the roof is cleaned to remove all foreign objects and debris. After a final inspection the project is handed over.

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