Waterproofing Cape Town

All Seasons Roofing & Waterproofing were asked to install a new roof on a garage recently. Water ingress was seen on an adjoining wall. All Seasons Roofing & Waterproofing determined that whilst the waterproofing was in fair condition but the roof was constructed on top of an old metal corrugated roof. On top of this corrugated metal was a thin layer of hardboard. This type of installation tends to move and does not give the best of surface for waterproofing.

Wooden Deck Waterproofing

Once we have removed the old waterproofing, the boards and the old roof sheets. We installed 18mm plywood, which we screw onto the roof timbers to ensure that we get the best fixing.

Flat Roof Cape Town

Prior to waterproofing the boards and the parapet walls are primed using a bitu primer. This is a required step to ensure that the waterproofing is able to adhere to the newly installed roof.

Torch on Cape Town

The last stage is heat fused membrane (torch on) this is then covered with a protective layer of silver paint. We waterproof the full top of the parapet wall to ensure that no water can ingress via cracks that often appear in walls. In this roof we installed an aluminum gutter. This was waterproofed to form a continuous waterproofed roof and gutter.

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